Safety & Rules

Better Safe than Sorry

General Rules

  • No sharp objects (spikes, large earring, long jewelry, go pros, etc) on the trampoline court
  • No hard/fiberglass casts allowed on trampoline courts
  • One guest per trampoline square
  • Parents and children must jump in separate squares
  • Children may not be held in a parent’s arms on the trampoline court
  • No sitting anywhere on a trampoline court or pads
  • No jumping on trampolines without a Safety Monitor present
  • No Double Bouncing on trampolines
  • No jumping, sitting or standing on padded area
  • No wrestling, racing, shoving, tackling, rough housing, etc
  • No balls or other objects on the main court
  • No touching or leaning on nets
  • No food allowed on platform or courts
  • Nothing in pockets while jumping (phones, keys, etc.)
  • No shoes allowed on the trampoline courts, safety trampoline socks must be worn at all times
  • No backflips at trapeze foam pit
  • No head first jumps into foam pit
  • Participate at your own risk
  • Not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Not responsible for children left unattended.

Safety Video